Thoughts on the $20 bill

Recent changes have been made to American currency. Changes that are wonderful. Changes that will hopefully spark a new found ideal for an equal world. Deciding to put Harriet Tubman, a national hero, on the face of the twenty dollar bill is a great change. It shows that America is moving in the right direction. However, with every change, there is a backlash. And this time is no different. Once again, people are blinded by some false ideology that change is bad and a waste. People are saying that completely redesigning a bill is a waste of money, between the cost of the new bill and the process to have it released. However, what these people seem to miss is that numerous changes have been made to every bill, to prevent fraud. So why can’t this be the same way? I am not saying it is a race thing, but the idea that this recent change to the $20 bill is what pushes people to have these arrogant ideas instead of the numerous times beforehand is ridiculous. I know it is weird to think that racism is dead, but to be honest, it is not and it never will be. I decided to post this after reading an argument on a Facebook comment thread. People were going back and forth about whether or not these changes are a good thing. I couldn’t stay silent. I understand why people are saying it is a waste. Many people nowadays simply use a credit card. But still, why can’t we just accept this? These people who say it is a waste are also saying that it is a useless endeavor that is diverting our attention from “real issues.” But in reality, the problem of race and equality and arrogance is one of the biggest issues of all.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on the $20 bill

  1. Although this is a very good idea, what is the purpose of it? What I mean is that although this may be a good idea are the costs worth changing all the 20 dollar bills.
    P.s. Very well written paragraph. WIll constantly be reading this 🙂


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